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Cubefield is a fantastic running/avoid browser game that tests your skill, reactions, and concentration. This game has great 3D graphics, cool music and engaging, fast-paced gameplay. The aim is simple – you must avoid hitting any of the colored cubes as you travel through the never-ending maze that stretches out before you.

The game starts off relatively easy and you might think that it is not challenging! This thought won’t last for long however as the difficulty becomes harder as you progress. The maze of cubes becomes more complex, and the speed at which you travel also increases. What distance can you travel without crashing into the cubes?

You are but a grey arrow, controlled by the left and right arrow keys, traveling at a speed at which you have no control and through a gigantic plane dotted with cubes that you must avoid. Sound simple? It is until the action begins to speed up and the cubes become more plentiful. As with most of these games, your score is solely dependent on how long you survive.

Analysis: While the action does not stop until you die, the game feels very much like it has levels for a number of reasons. The first is that every so often you are drawn into a tunnel-like system from which you cannot escape. Emerging from the tunnel gives the impression of a brand new level. The second is that after a while the game changes color scheme and style. This gives the impression of an even larger new level. Also, every so often the arrow speed increases. These all give the game the feeling of being leveled, even if there is no explicit new level indication.

The 3D is quite impressive, and the fact that the game plane leans into turns is a nice touch that helps increase the sense of immersion. Although there is no high score list, the “Top Score” feature remembers your personal best and is useful to know how you’re doing, as is the press-p-for-pause function. Also, on the starting page, you can press space, as opposed to needing to click New Game, to play. Little features like this help to make a game something that you might be willing to play for hours, as opposed to minutes. Max does not include music or sound effects, because as he says, it’s nice to listen to your own MP3s as you game. Overall, an excellent play and highly addictive.

Cubefield is destined to be one of those classics that everyone remembers. Years from now people will look back and say “What score did you manage?” – let us know in the comments below what your highest score is!